Traditional dentures restore your smile’s appearance and function – but they do have some downsides. If you attach dentures to implants, though, the downsides vanish. 

While getting implants is a big decision, Dr. Shook can answer all your questions and walk you through the process during a consultation in our San Pedro, CA office. Call 310-982-6333 today to schedule one. In the meantime, you can review five reasons you may want to choose dental implants instead of dentures:

  • Greater Comfort – Traditional dentures sit on top of your gums, held in place largely by suction (often supplemented with adhesive). They can slip around, which can create sore spots. With implants, you won’t experience this kind of discomfort.
  • Enhanced Confidence – In addition to making you uncomfortable, dentures that shift out of place also make you self-conscious. Since implants keep your replacement teeth firmly in place, you’ll speak and laugh without worry. You’ll feel more confident in social situations. 
  • Stronger Jawline – The bone in your jaw typically shrinks about 25 percent during the first year following tooth loss. It continues to shrink, which can result in a sunken look that makes your face look older. Implants function like natural tooth roots after they are embedded in your jaw, providing the stimulation that keeps bone strong and healthy. 
  • Simpler Maintenance – You’ll remove dentures and soak them in a special solution to keep them clean and bacteria free. With some kinds of implant dentures, your oral hygiene wont change; you’ll simply brush and floss. You’ll never need adhesive to secure your implant dentures. Plus, with less bone loss, you won’t need to have dentures relined to maintain a proper fit. 
  • More Dietary Options – Since traditional dentures can slip out of place or even come loose while you’re eating certain foods, your dietary options are limited. Implant dentures give you a bite similar to what you had before losing teeth, so you can eat whatever you’d like. 

Whether you choose implant dentures or traditional dentures, our team will make sure you’re happy with your smile! Thanks to Dr. Shook’s implant expertise, you can even receive an All-on-6 procedure, a treatment in which a full arch of replacement teeth is attached to six implants in your upper or lower jaw. It’s one of the most cost-effective ways to replace all or most of your teeth with implants.

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