Get Fast Assistance for San Pedro Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies in San Pedro are never planned or expected. If you have one, you need a dentist who can help you fast. Dr. Victoria Shook will make sure you and your smile are taken care of the same day you come into our office. Whether you are a current patient or a new patient, you can get same-day emergency dental appointments from Shook Dental Care.

In addition to speedy appointments, you will:

  • Stop the pain so you can get back to your life
  • Enjoy comforting amenities during treatment, including neck pillows and warm towels
  • Experience comfortable care with our advanced technology
  • Feel welcomed by a caring staff who puts you at ease

Call Shook Dental Care at 310-982-6333 now to save your smile and relieve your pain.

Seek Help & Get Back Your Oral Health

Time is a precious commodity when you are dealing with a dental emergency. Don’t wait to find out if your situation requires urgent care. In her 20-plus years of practice, Dr. Shook has treated many dental emergencies and you can trust her with yours. Some of the common circumstances you’ll want to call us for include:

  • Cracked Teeth – Depending on the severity of the crack, we can restore your tooth with a dental veneer or a dental crown.
  • Broken Teeth – If you are suffering with a broken tooth, we’ll usually mend it by placing a crown over your damaged tooth.
  • Knocked-Out Teeth – If you get to us right away, we may be able to save your tooth. If not, we’ll ensure the site is in good shape for a future tooth replacement.
  • Toothaches – A toothache is often a sign of a cavity or possibly an infected tooth. We can treat most cavities with a filling or other dental restoration. For an infected tooth, Dr. Shook can perform a root canal.

Though we offer same-day emergency appointments to everyone who calls during business hours, all of our current patients have access to after-hours emergency dental care as well. That means that after you become an established patient at Shook Dental Care, we can take care of your urgent situation even if we are not open.

Whether you’re a new patient or a current patient, don’t hesitate to call 310-982-6333 for dental emergencies in San Pedro.

Common Questions About Dental Emergencies

Can you help with my dental emergency?

Yes, we would be more than happy to help you during your dental crisis. In many cases, we can fit you in the same day so that you get fast treatment and can feel better soon. For our established patients, we will even see you after hours if necessary. Just give us a call, and we’ll get you into the office as soon as possible.

What can you do for my dental emergency?

When you see us for an emergency, one of our first goals will be to get you out of pain. We will determine the cause of the emergency and work to alleviate any pain as soon as possible. In addition, we have several fantastic sedation options to help calm any anxious nerves you may be experiencing. Your comfort is our top concern.

What are common dental emergencies?

Any situation where you are in pain or may suffer lasting damage to a tooth without speedy treatment is an emergency. Some of the most common emergencies include cracked or broken teeth and toothaches. A toothache can signal problems like severe decay or even infection. In many cases we can offer you a same-day appointment. We’ll want to see you ASAP so we can diagnose your problem and get you feeling better.

Can I prevent dental emergencies?

No one can anticipate every possible dental emergency, but you can take steps to reduce your odds of having such a problem. Following ADA recommendations – brushing and flossing daily and getting regular dental cleanings – reduces your risk of tooth infections and gum disease. Wearing athletic mouthguards during sports can protect your teeth from injuries.