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You probably don’t realize how often you use your mouth until you’re experiencing dental pain. Emergency dental care from Shook Dental Care will solve those dental pain problems for you. With same-day emergency dental care for any patient who walks in our door, you can be confident knowing that your smile will get taken care of. Call our San Pedro, CA dental office right away at 310-982-6333 to get fast yet reliable emergency care from Dr. Victoria Shook.

Common Dental Emergenciesmn

Dental emergencies are impossible to plan for. Sometimes things just happen, and you need to get help fast. Here are a few instances that warrant an emergency trip to Dr. Shook.

  • Cracked Tooth – A crack puts your tooth at risk of breaking, and it can expose the inside of your tooth to the bacteria inside your mouth. You can prevent either scenario by getting the care you need quickly.
  • Broken Tooth – This is one of the most painful and dangerous injuries to a tooth. The tooth needs a crown not only to become usable again but also to keep it from becoming infected or harming your other teeth.
  • Dislodged Tooth – The longer a knocked-out tooth stays out of your mouth, the less chance there is to save it. Bring your tooth to Dr. Shook as soon as you can to increase your tooth’s chances of survival.
  • Infected Tooth (Toothache) – An oral infection puts not only your tooth at risk but the rest of your mouth as well. Make the smart choice – get in to Shook Dental Care today.

Get Same-Day Help for Your Dental Emergency

If you are having dental pain or discomfort, call us NOW at 310-982-6333 to meet Dr. Victoria Shook! We will start getting ready for your arrival so that when you get here, we can eliminate your dental pain and do our very best to keep your smile healthy.

If you don’t have a dental emergency or want to ask us a question, our online form is a great way to get in touch with us.

Dr. Victoria Shook has professional affiliations with The California Dental Association (CDA), The American Dental Association (ADA), and more. Which makes her one of the trusted dentists in San Pedro, CA.

Video: Treating Patients Who Are in Pain or Have Discomfort

In Shook Dental Care by Dr. Victoria Shook, we prioritize our patients who are in pain or have discomfort. Because this is something that we need to treat so it won't be too long for the patients to suffer. Be one of our patients, call (310) 982-6333, our San Pedro, CA dental clinic now to schedule your appointment with us today or visit our website Our online form is another way to schedule an appointment at your convenience. Like us on: Facebook: And don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for updated videos from Shook Dental Care, San Pedro, CA.