Smile Like a Superstar With Dental Veneers in San Pedro

You may think you need the genes or the money of a celebrity to get a superstar smile. Not true! With dental veneers in San Pedro, you can achieve a stunning smile suitable for the red carpet in as few as two visits. As one of our most versatile cosmetic dentistry procedures, veneers will:

  • Last for years, since they’re made of durable and stain resistant materials
  • Blend in easily with your smile
  • Cover a wide variety of cosmetic issues, including chips, gaps, and discoloration
  • Strengthen your teeth
  • Require less modification of your teeth than other restorations
  • Improve your smile in less time

To see if veneers are right for your smile, call Shook Dental Care at 310-982-6333 to schedule a consultation.

Transform Your Smile With a Minimally Invasive Solution

A recent study showed that more than one in three adults think an unattractive smile makes a person look less attractive. So, if you don’t love the way your grin looks, it’s time to do something about it. Similar to a dental crown, veneers can conceal many kinds of smile problems. However, a veneer requires less alteration of your healthy tooth structure than a crown. Dr. Shook typically removes only a bit of enamel from teeth to prepare them for veneers.

With this cosmetic procedure, Dr. Shook will:

  • Examine your teeth and discuss your smile goals
  • Show you how veneers can change the shape, size, and/or color of your teeth
  • Determine which veneers are right for you, either porcelain or e.max ceramic veneers
  • Take careful measurements of your teeth with digital impressions
  • Send them to a top dental lab to create the veneers
  • Securely attach them to your teeth in your next appointment
  • Ensure you’re happy with how they look and feel

You’ll be able to show off your veneers for years with proper oral care practices. With over 20 years of experience, and advanced education in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Shook can help you achieve the smile of your dreams. To find out if you are a good candidate for dental veneers in San Pedro, call 310-982-6333 to schedule an appointment.