Healthy Smile Tips For Your Spring Vacation! [BLOG]

If you’re getting plans together for an upcoming spring vacation, our team at Shook Dental Care wants to give you some helpful tips so your smile doesn’t pay the price! You can learn more about how we can help you avoid dental problems, get ...

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Our Approach To Dental Emergencies [VIDEO]

Accidents happen, and when they threaten your smile, it’s important to know who to trust. At Shook Dental Care, we can guide you through the steps of a dental emergency and get you out of pain fast. Here’s Dr. Shook talking more about ...

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2 Surprising Causes Of Gum Disease [BLOG]

It’s Gum Disease Awareness month, so our team at Shook Dental Care is leaving no stone unturned in the fight against this insidious infection. We’re shedding light on two contributors to gum disease that often go ignored. Your diet and ...

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Love Your Smile By Making It Over! [VIDEO]

Sometimes, loving your smile requires multiple cosmetic treatments mapped out by a skilled, experienced dentist. That’s what you get with a smile makeover from Dr. Shook at Shook Dental Care! She and our talented cosmetic team can help you ...

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How’s Your Gum Health? [QUIZ]

How’s your gum health? Although at first glance, your gums may seem perfectly healthy, but many people are suffering the early stages of gum disease and have no idea! Take today’s quiz to see if you might need gum disease treatment at ...

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Preserve Gum Health With Crowns & Bridges [PHOTO]

Tooth replacement is necessary to keep your entire mouth healthy. That’s why it’s important to trust a dentist who will help you explore all your options so you can find the best solution for you! At Shook Dental Care, that’s exactly ...

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A Dentist To Follow Anywhere! [VIDEO]

Alan has been a long time patient at Shook Dental Care, despite traveling two hours round trip to our San Pedro, CA dental office! Why, you ask? Because when it comes to high-quality dental care for he and his wife, no one else will do! Hear ...

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Get A New Smile This Year With Cosmetic Dentistry [VIDEO]

It’s a whole new year, a chance to start fresh! That means it’s the perfect time for cosmetic dentistry at Shook Dental Care! You have a variety of treatment options in our San Pedro, CA dental office to give you a new smile for a new year. ...

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