What To Do In A Dental Emergency [QUIZ]

A dental emergency can happen anywhere at any time. To possibly save your smile, it’s important to know what to do.That’s why our team at Shook Dental Care wants to share this quiz with you today. Test your knowledge about steps to take ...

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Dental Implants Saved This Patient’s Smile [VIDEO]

Sometimes, a tooth can become so damaged that the best solution for your smile and oral health is to replace it with a natural-looking, quality restoration.That’s what Darren went through and why he came to our San Pedro dental office for ...

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A Smile Makeover Changes Everything! [PHOTO]

A smile makeover can change more than just your looks. It can transform your life!Just look at this dramatic before and after photo from one of our many satisfied patients here at Shook Dental Care. Are you our next success story?Find out ...

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Stay Calm In A Dental Emergency With These Tips [BLOG]

When you’re faced with a medical emergency, there is always an initial sense of panic, even if it only lasts a fraction of a second. Most often, it can be calmed simply by knowing who to call or where to go.You can call 911 or head to the ...

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The Benefits Of Veneers [INFOGRAPHIC]

Do you have flaws in your smile that make you feel self-conscious about showing your teeth?Then Shook Dental Care has the answer! Dental veneers are a versatile cosmetic solution to a variety of dental problems. Check out today’s infographic ...

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You’ll Smile More With Veneers! [VIDEO]

Today’s video blog comes to you from Annie, one of our many satisfied patients.Annie had problems with her smile that left her feeling self-conscious for years. That all changed when she put her trust in Dr. Shook for her radiant new veneers. ...

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Get Beautiful Dentures In San Pedro! [PHOTO]

Are your dentures loose, poorly-fitted, and unnatural-looking?Maybe it’s time to get beautiful, natural-looking dentures with help from Dr. Shook and our team at Shook Dental Care! Today’s before and after proves that you can have a ...

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A Healthy, Beautiful Smile Takes Teamwork! [BLOG]

Challenges are better faced when you have a support system in place. Let’s face it, life can be tough sometimes. It’s comforting to know where to find help when you need it.That’s why at Shook Dental Care, we believe our role is to work ...

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Sleep Apnea: Are You At Risk? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Do you snore so loudly that it keeps your loved ones awake at night? Do you feel tired and irritable during the day?These are common symptoms of sleep apnea, a condition where you stop breathing off and on throughout the night. At Shook Dental ...

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