Braces will give you straight teeth. But unfortunately, they will likely give you some headaches too. The good news is, you can still get a beautiful smile and avoid all the hassles with Invisalign treatment. 

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In the meantime, check out some reasons so many of our patients love their Invisalign aligners. They are:

  • Hard to See in Your Smile – A mouth filled with metal brackets and wires can make you self-conscious. In contrast, since your aligners are made of clear plastic, they blend easily into your smile. Chances are, few people will even notice them. 
  • Easy to Remove When Needed – You’ll take your aligners out for meals, which means you can eat whatever you want. No more skipping favorite treats because they’ll get stuck in braces. Removable aligners also make it easy to keep your teeth clean. 
  • Comfortable in Your Mouth – Smooth plastic feels better against the soft tissue in your mouth than metal hardware. 
  • Faster Than Braces – Most adults finish their Invisalign treatment within 12 months. On the other hand, braces typically take much longer to straighten teeth. 
  • Simple to Use – We have a series of aligners made for you, based on a personalized treatment plan. You wear each set of aligners about two weeks, then move on to the next ones. You only need to see us for progress checks every six weeks or so. Plus, there’s no uncomfortable tightening of wires. 

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