Do you hesitate to show your smile in social groups? You might be sending the wrong impression. You don’t get second chances to make first impressions, so why not let us help you improve your smile.

At Shook Dental Care, you can:

  • Replace Missing Teeth – When you lose teeth, you lose the roots too, which causes the surrounding bone to deteriorate. Dental implants stop this bone loss from occurring, by stimulating the jaw the same way that tooth roots do. If you’d rather not get implants, though, you can choose a dental bridge or dentures instead. 
  • Straighten Crooked Teeth – Braces straighten teeth, but they also affect many parts of your daily life, including eating and keeping teeth clean. Invisalign aligners don’t require you to make any adjustments to your meals or your oral hygiene. Plus, they are practically invisible in your smile and they typically move teeth in less time than braces. 
  • Brighten Dingy Teeth – Everyone wants a beautifully bright smile, and we offer three ways to get one in our San Pedro, CA office. All work better than products purchased at a drugstore. 
  • Conceal Smile Flaws – To hide imperfections like chips, worn teeth, gaps, or stubborn stains, we’ll likely recommend dental veneers or a bonding treatment. While veneers cost more, they will last longer – usually for at least a decade with proper care.
  • Correct a Gummy Smile – If you show more gum than teeth when your smile, we can use a laser to quickly and painlessly remove a bit of gum tissue and give your smile a more balanced appearance. 

If you’re ready to improve your smile, call us today at 310-982-6333.