Our team at Shook Dental Care wants you to have a happy holiday, not just this year, but every year.
That’s why today, we want to inspire you to give yourself a gift this year that will enhance your life for many holidays to come!

A Smile Makeover Is A Unique Holiday Gift

There’s no better gift you can give yourself than a healthy, beautiful smile that makes you feel confident and happy. A smile makeover in San Pedro, CA is a particularly unique gift because it’s a customized plan designed especially for your dental needs and goals.

Dr. Shook will create a series of cosmetic and restorative treatments, mapped out efficiently and affordably to give you the smile of your dreams.

That way, every holiday season for years to come will have you showing off a radiant, healthy, attractive smile for all your special moments season after season!

*Dental Implant Restorations*

We should begin with the most important treatment if one or more of your teeth are missing.

Dental implants and restorations are the strongest, longest-lasting solution for replacing missing teeth because they stabilize replacement teeth with artificial roots for maximum function and a natural-looking smile!


This time next year, you could have the straight smile you’ve always wanted thanks to Invisalign, a clear aligner therapy that inconspicuously and quickly puts your teeth into the right position. It’s a comfortable, hassle-free alternative to traditional metal braces, and it’s just as effective in correcting slightly crooked, overlapping, or gapped teeth.

*Teeth Whitening*

Nothing is easier than teeth whitening treatment to enhance your smile and give you a boost of self-esteem. Often, we find that teeth whitening is the perfect finishing touch in a smile makeover plan because it restores a bright youthful glow to your overall look.

*Dental Veneers*

The best way to make a lasting difference with chipped, cracked, gapped, stained, crooked, or misshapen teeth is with finely-crafted, customized dental veneers.

These thin caps are made to fit naturally against your gumline and conceal all the unsightly flaws that mar your smile. When your veneers are placed and well-cared for, they can last for years and give you lasting beauty and confidence.

*Reshaping Your Teeth & Gums*

Cosmetic dentistry has come a long way, and that’s great news for your smile if excess gum tissue is hiding your teeth or time has worn them around the edges.

With tooth contouring and gum reshaping, you can make your smile look more balanced and youthful with a higher gumline and longer, more evenly-shaped teeth.

Finish it off with teeth whitening treatment, and you have a completely new smile!

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Put your happiness in your own hands by giving yourself a meaningful gift that lasts.

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