All next week, we’ll be celebrating Dental Assistants Recognition Week here in San Pedro. We love all our dental assistants, and our patients love them too!

Pricella is one of our assistants, and she’s been helping families feel confident about their dental appointments since 2015, when she became certified. She loves getting to know you and making you feel at home here, whether you’re our regular patient or have never been to the dentist in your life.
You might have the privilege of talking to Pricella when she takes your X-rays or helps Dr. Shook make your procedure run smoothly. Feel free to ask her any questions. She’ll answer with a bright and infectious smile! You might also end up talking about each others’ hobbies. She likes going to the beach, hiking, traveling, seeing family and friends, shopping, and watching movies.

Be sure to give a shoutout to Pricella or any other assistant during Dental Assistants Recognition Week. For an appointment with our caring team, call Shook Dental Care today at 310-982-6333, or contact us online.