Celebrate National Dental Hygiene Month With Shook Dental Care!

National Dental Hygiene Month is particularly special to us this October. By putting their own health on the line, our hygienists have stayed dedicated to ensuring our patients maintain healthy mouths – and in some cases, healthy bodies.

Our patients tell us daily how much they appreciate their hygienists’ concern for their dental health. That’s true for people who look forward to their biannual cleanings and those who are anxious about them but discover their visits can be pleasant with our team.

Brizia is a family-oriented hygienist who loves educating our patients on the best ways to keep their teeth for life. She loves seeing the transformation when patients take her advice to heart and become proud of their healthy smiles. Brizia also loves to connect with her patients personally, especially if the topics of restaurants or traveling come up.

Whether you see Brizia or another hygienist this month in our San Pedro office, be sure to share your appreciation! Feel free to give a shout-out to them on Facebook, too.

To book a cleaning during National Dental Hygiene Month, call Shook Dental Care at 310-982-6333 or fill out our online form to request an appointment. We’re always welcoming new patients.