With Halloween coming later this month, your dentist has two words for you: choose chocolate. As a sweet treat, chocolate is less likely to damage your teeth than other kinds of Halloween candy. 

Because it melts so easily in your mouth, it tends to wash away so that sugars and similar ingredients won’t cause cavities and other problems. So it’s no surprise that all five of the healthier Halloween options presented in this short video are chocolate. It’s an especially good choice if it contains nuts and other ingredients that add nutritional value. 

The video also shows five candies that are especially bad for teeth. They are extremely high in sugar and also sticky. Their stickiness means they tend to cling pretty stubbornly to teeth. The longer they remain on teeth, the more likely they are to cause problems. 

We’re happy to give you advice on healthy eating at your next cleaning and exam. Making smart dietary changes can really improve your oral health – and your overall health too! We can also give you tips to help you improve your home oral hygiene. 

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