Some people dread the holiday season because of all the demands it places on our wallets, our time, our energy, and our peace of mind.

But others dread it for a different reason.

It’s because they don’t want to endure all the social obligations with an embarrassing smile. Stained, damaged, crooked, or misshapen teeth are the kind of appearance flaws that you can’t really hide without a lot of effort, and that can be pretty stressful during the holidays.

To relax and enjoy yourself, you deserve a beautiful smile you’re proud of, and our team at Shook Dental Care is here to help!

Cosmetic Dental Solutions For A New Holiday Smile

Because of Dr. Shook’s extensive training and experience, we’re able to offer a wide selection of cosmetic dental solutions in San Pedro, CA so you can fix all the problems with your teeth and gums that you don’t like.

Here are some of the ways we can prepare your smile for the upcoming holidays:

*Tooth Bonding*

Tiny nicks, chips, or gaps in your smile?
Bonding is a fast, easy, and painless way to refresh your smile’s overall appearance. We apply a composite resin to flawed teeth that’s color-matched to blend beautifully. Then we shape, dry, and polish the material so you have a brighter, more pristine, youthful smile!

*Teeth Contouring*

Are your canines too long and pointy? Do you have teeth that are rough or jagged around the edges?
These issues are distracting, but the solution is simple!

Teeth contouring is quick and painless, where we smooth edges and uneven spots so all your teeth look more uniform in length and shape.

*Gum Reshaping*

Gums that overwhelm your smile can be corrected with gum reshaping, or what is often referred to as gummy smile treatment.

Using a dental laser, we can artfully balance your teeth-to-gum ratio so your pearly whites get the attention they deserve!

*Teeth Whitening*

The foods and drinks you love, the medications you take, and even some of your lifestyle habits can all leave dark, dingy stains behind on your teeth.

You may have pretty healthy, and even nicely-shaped, teeth. But if they’re dull or yellow, you’re not going to feel good about your smile.

A quick, easy confidence booster is a bright, radiant smile from our professional teeth whitening system!

You can choose a fast procedure for instant results with our laser whitening method, or you can receive customized treatment to whiten your smile at home.

*Dental Veneers*

You have several problems with your smile, so you might be feeling a little overwhelmed about all these treatment options. But Dr. Shook can design a plan to build your dream smile by combining two or more services in the most efficient order possible. This is what we would call a smile makeover treatment plan.

You can reshape your gumline and contour a few teeth, and then finish it off with teeth whitening treatment. This could all be accomplished in just a couple of appointments.

Not so overwhelming now, is it?

Or you could likely get the smile you want with just one cosmetic solution! Dental veneers can fix a wide range of imperfections with your teeth like their color, shape, size, and even their position. We can customize your veneers to fit over small gaps or slightly crooked teeth, to conceal misshapen or damaged teeth, and to hide discolored teeth that won’t respond to whitening gels.

Veneers are a transformative smile solution that can makeover your smile in one fell swoop!

Get Started Today!

The holidays will be here before you know it, so now is the perfect time to start your cosmetic dentistry journey!
You have several weeks to make changes to your teeth and gums that will result in a bright, attractive smile that fills you with confidence as you celebrate the season.

To schedule your cosmetic consultation in San Pedro, CA, call Shook Dental Care at 310-982-6333 or fill out our online form.