You wake up after hitting snooze twice. You do a quick 20-minute ride on your stationary bike, then hop in the shower. You put on your yoga pants and a shirt, turn on your coffeemaker, and pull out the computer to start work at your kitchen table. Oh, yeah, and hop up to heat some instant oatmeal in the microwave before eating it while you check your full inbox.

Sound familiar? If you work from home, your morning routine isn’t quite the same as it was in the office. If you have kids, it only adds to your hectic schedule. Regardless, don’t forget to make sure you are brushing your teeth well every morning. If not, you can quickly increase your risk of cavities.

This essential habit is easy to slack on when you don’t have to see people in person who can smell your breath or notice your teeth. To save time and money on future repairs, make sure you brush every side of your teeth for a total of at least two minutes twice a day. Use a timer or app if you need to. Be sure to floss each day, and don’t forget your regular checkups in San Pedro! Even if you haven’t been super dedicated to your oral hygiene, we can get your teeth clean and healthy.

Preserve your only smile by reducing your risk of cavities. For a gentle cleaning in a welcoming, safe environment, call Shook Dental Care today at 310-982-6333. You can also fill out our online form to schedule.

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