The Sneaky Stages Of Gum Disease [BLOG]

Of all the dental problems people can face, gum disease is among the sneakiest, most insidious of them all. That’s because it can slowly creep in and take effect over time, undetected to the untrained eye until it’s too advanced to ...

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Should I Get Teeth Whitening This Fall? [QUIZ]

To look and feel your best this fall, you should consider visiting Shook Dental Care soon for teeth whitening treatment. With this easy, affordable cosmetic treatment, your smile won’t just look brighter and healthier, but you’ll feel more ...

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When Summer Leaves You With A Dry Mouth… [BLOG]

Dry mouth isn’t the sort of condition most people would consider serious. Uncomfortable, for sure. But a serious threat to your oral health? Not so much. After reading today’s blog from our team at Shook Dental Care in San Pedro, CA, ...

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Is Sleep Apnea The Reason You’re So Tired? [QUIZ]

There’s still plenty of time to enjoy the summer, which is why you should get to the bottom of your daily fatigue. At Shook Dental Care, we can help you find out if sleep apnea is behind it, and the other symptoms you’re probably dealing ...

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Traveling With Sleep Apnea Made Easy! [BLOG]

If you’re like many people, some of your fondest memories probably involve times spent with your family. That would include family vacations. You might laugh when you recall spending hours in the station wagon bickering with siblings while ...

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Could I Be Grinding My Teeth? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Your dentist can learn a lot about you during a routine cleaning and exam. One of the habits Dr. Shook can often identify in patients is teeth grinding. That’s because it leaves a worn, jagged outline along your teeth, and can wear certain ...

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Veneers Can Make Your Smile Shine This Summer [PHOTO]

Many people focus their time as summer approaches to getting their bodies in shape for swimsuit season. But some are more concerned about their smile flaws, something that affects their appearance and self-esteem all the time, not just when ...

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Let Us Treat Your Dental Pain Before Summer! [VIDEO]

Do you want to spend all your summer barbecues struggling to enjoy your food because of dental pain? Of course, not! That’s why you should visit Dr. Shook at Shook Dental Care for restorative treatment before summer officially ...

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