Before the summer season gets underway, our team at Shook Dental Care wants you to know about the risk for dental emergencies this time of year, how to safeguard your smile, and where to go for same-day emergency appointments in San Pedro, CA!

Keep Your Smile Safe This Summer!

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind that can minimize your risk for summer dental emergencies:

*Protect Teeth With An Athletic Mouthguard*

This is definitely one of the most active of all seasons. So if you play a summer sport, protect your teeth and gums from injuries with a custom athletic mouthguard.

These should come from your San Pedro dentist, not a sporting goods store, because only a proper, snug fit will give your mouth the adequate protection you need against any blunt force to your lips, teeth, and gums.

*Be Smart About Using Your Teeth*

During the summer, people spend more time grilling in the backyard, lounging by the pool, and celebrating everything from birthdays to weddings.

So a common, but often overlooked, risk to your dental health on these occasions is damage to your tooth enamel. That’s because out of convenience, we sometimes feel tempted to use our teeth to open, tear, rip, and cut things that can create damage instead of reaching for scissors.

If you’re opening a gift, a new pool toy, or are taking tags off of a new swimsuit, be smart about the tools you use, and use your teeth for eating only!

*Build Strong Teeth With The Right Foods*

Because so many kids are out of school during at least part of the summer season, we know that families will be operating on different schedules, routines, and even spending time away from home.

When you’re on a family vacation or have a break from your normal routine, it’s nice to reward yourself with tasty foods and snacks that aren’t part of your usual diet.

Moderation is key when it comes to indulging in sugary treats like ice cream, candy, chips, and cookies. You don’t want all the added sugar you’re consuming to decay your teeth, so reserve these foods as once-in-a-while treats.

No matter if you’re enjoying a vacation or a staycation, try to stick with your normal, well-balanced diet that’s rich in calcium, protein, and other essential nutrients that strengthen your teeth and bones.
Also, be sure to drink plenty of water during the hot summer months to avoid dry mouth. This will keep your saliva flowing and protect your tooth enamel from harmful acids.

Get Emergency Dental Care!

It sure would be nice if we could always prevent dental emergencies, but we know that’s just not how life works, right?

At least you know where to find emergency dental care when problems arise!

Dr. Shook and our team care about your health and comfort and will do all we can to get you the fast pain relief and treatment for your dental problem.

For assistance with your dental emergency, call Shook Dental Care in San Pedro, CA at 310-982-6333 or fill out our online form for an appointment.