Are you a bride heading toward a summer wedding with no plans yet to beautify your smile?
Then today’s blog is for you!

Shook Dental Care is your San Pedro, CA source for your wedding-worthy smile thanks to our talented team of professionals and our diverse cosmetic dentistry options.

Your entire bridal look wouldn’t be complete if you were embarrassed about teeth stains and flaws.

Fortunately, you’re seeing our blog about cosmetic treatments, so you know which to take advantage of before you walk down the aisle this summer. That way your dress, hair, and makeup won’t be the only thing turning your guests’ heads that day.

It’ll be your radiant, sparkling smile!

A Perfect Wedding Calls For A Perfect Smile

Weddings are a huge deal, especially in the days of Pinterest and other forms of social media. Everyone feels the pressure to pull off the perfect wedding day, to the tiniest detail.

It’s not just so yours is a share-worthy Pin, although that’s a pretty cool thought!

Seriously, though, your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. You deserve to look and feel exactly the way you’ve always imagined, and that includes having the smile you want.

Dr. Shook and our team want more than anything for you to have that on your special day! All eyes will be on you from the moment you start the hair and makeup process with your bridal party. Cameras will be flashing well into the night, and your smile needs to be ready.

For a look you’ll want to remember with fondness, call Shook Dental Care today to schedule your cosmetic dentistry appointment!

Get The Smile You Want For Your Wedding

Just like you prepare all other details of your appearance for that perfect wedding day look, your smile can look amazing with help from Dr. Shook and cosmetic dentistry!

*An Enhanced Smile*

We have several cosmetic dental treatments if you’re just looking for simple smile enhancements as your wedding date approaches.

The easiest among them is professional teeth whitening, which you can do in a convenient in-office visit or at home with our prescription-strength whitening system.

Our treatments are incredibly powerful, yet completely safe, so your smile is sparkling white for your trip down the aisle.

But if your smile needs more than just a simple stain removal, you can try tooth bonding.
Also quick and affordable, tooth bonding uses a composite material that fills in surface damage so your teeth look smooth, polished, and bright for your wedding.

Call Shook Dental Care today at 310-982-6333 to schedule one of our non-invasive, affordable smile enhancements so you have a stunning smile before your summer wedding day arrives!

*A Hollywood Smile*

As you flip through bridal magazines or scroll through online photos of celebrity wedding gowns, you’ll notice that everyone has a glamorous, flawless smile.

You can have the same when you opt for dental veneers with Dr. Shook!

Veneers are considered by dentists as a way to get a Hollywood smile because they mask so many dental problems at once.
Thin porcelain shells, veneers are bonded over your teeth to hide surface damage and stains, close gaps, and give your teeth a uniform look in size and shape.

They look natural like real tooth enamel, yet they’re more dazzling and radiant just like you see from celebrities!

*A Straight Smile*

While you may not have a year to complete orthodontic treatment before your wedding, you can opt to straighten your smile in a less noticeable way.

Invisalign therapy uses clear aligners that you can remove when you eat, brush your teeth, or when you say, “I do!”
It’s a faster, more comfortable way to straighten crooked teeth, and if you start now, you may see enough of a difference to improve your smile at least a little bit in time for the wedding. Couple it with teeth whitening, and you’ll look great for the special day!

*A Smile Makeover*

Maybe you have multiple problems with your teeth and gums that have bothered you for years. Then isn’t your wedding day the perfect excuse to finally love your smile?

Dr. Shook can combine any number of cosmetic and restorative treatments to give you the smile you’ve always wanted, just in time for your summer wedding. A smile makeover is customized, which means all treatments are plotted out in the most efficient, affordable order that you’re comfortable with and that will result in a smile you love.

Schedule A Consultation!

If you’re deep in the planning stages of a wedding, you know just how quickly deadlines come and go. You have meetings with all sorts of people, from the designer, to the caterer, to the florist.

There’s so much to do and so much to keep straight. One thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is how your smile looks. That’s why you should call Shook Dental Care today so you can get your cosmetic treatment on the books so you can focus on other things before the big day!

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