Do you have a tooth that’s suddenly become sensitive to hard foods or hot and cold drinks?

Do you have any damaged, worn, or discolored teeth?

These issues will only worsen over time unless you do something about them, but our team at Shook Dental Care can understand why you might hesitate to get restorative treatment.

You may worry that solving an oral health issue may come at a cosmetic price for your smile you’re not willing to pay.

But the truth is, you don’t have to sacrifice your appearance to have a healthy mouth and full oral function again!

The Common Benefits Of Dental Crowns

Because they’ve been around for so long, you probably already know about the common benefits of dental crowns.
But here’s a refresher!

We can use dental crowns for a host of reasons, such as:

  • To replace missing teeth
  • To repair damaged teeth
  • To cover decayed teeth
  • To protect a once infected tooth
  • To strengthen weak teeth
  • To hide a dark, discolored tooth

When we cover problem teeth with crowns, your mouth stays safe from any worsening damage or spreading of infection in the future. As a result, your smile stays strong and healthy.

Dental crowns are widely-used for a reason – they solve so many different problems with your teeth!

The Secret Perks Of Dental Crowns

Maybe you already knew about the oral health benefits of dental restorations, but there are other advantages you may not realize yet.

Check out these secret perks of dental crowns in San Pedro, CA!

*Crowns Blend Right In*

Just because you have a healthy mouth, you’re not guaranteed a lovely smile.
Strong teeth, even healthy teeth, may not look very attractive because of their color, shape, position, or size.

Dental crowns are crafted to perfection so they can cap unsightly teeth, and ours in San Pedro look amazingly lifelike, matching the color of your surrounding teeth so they blend right in for a seamless, beautiful smile!

*Crowns Brighten Your Smile*

When you go to an experienced, trusted dentist like Dr. Shook for your dental restorations, you can count on a level of quality and craftsmanship you may not find elsewhere.

Our dental crowns are made of fine materials, either stunning zirconia or e.max, both of which restore your teeth and brighten your smile simultaneously.

Crowns can be used to hide teeth that have darkened over time, for reasons that can’t be remedied with standard teeth whitening treatment. And as we’ve already mentioned, they’re perfectly color-matched for a more seamless smile.

Not only will others not be able to tell you had a dental problem, but you may forget you ever had one, as well!

*Crowns “Close” Gaps*

Believe it or not, you don’t have to wear braces for the next couple of years to close the gaps between your teeth.

Dental crowns can do that for you, or at least make it look like those gaps have closed.
That’s because crowns are measured to fit over one tooth and snugly between the teeth on each side of it, creating the illusion that you’ve just completed some type of orthodontic treatment.
But don’t worry! That’s a secret you and Dr. Shook can keep to yourselves!

*Crowns Cover Unsightly Damage*

Crunching on ice cubes, chewing on pencils, biting your nails, suffering dental injuries during your younger days as an athlete, or even unwittingly grinding your teeth while you sleep – all of these will eventually alter the shape and size of your teeth, and consequently, your smile’s appearance.

We often see patients who are concerned that restorative dentistry is a solution that may come at a cosmetic cost – a healthy smile, but a visible reminder of your dental problem. You don’t have to worry about that with our dental crowns because they’re beautiful and lifelike, covering up damage and keeping all the chips, breaks, and worn edges hidden away for years as if they never existed.

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Don’t spend another day worrying about your teeth.

With dental crowns from Dr. Shook, you can enjoy eating without pain and smiling without stress!
Our restorations are strong, durable, and natural-looking so your smile stays healthy and looks great!
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