How do you feel about the way your teeth look when you smile? If you feel embarrassed about your grin, we offer a wide range of cosmetic treatment options that will transform your smile. Since your smile is one of the first things people notice about you, you need to love the way it looks. In case you need some encouragement, here are a few reasons why it’s okay to indulge:

  1. You’ll get a boost in confidence.

If you’ve taken far too many photos with your lips closed when you smile or you’ve hidden your mouth when you laugh, it’s time to have a smile you feel comfortable showing off. When you fix the flaws you’ve been trying to hide, you’ll have an incredible boost in confidence that will affect how you see yourself. It’s a much-needed experience that you shouldn’t put off any longer!

  1. You’ll enjoy more social situations.

Did you know that a smile is someone’s most attractive feature? Recent studies show that over 45 percent of participants sure thought so! When you enjoy the way you look that will come across in how you walk into a social situation. It will be in the way you carry yourself, look others in the eye, and talk with confidence. 

  1. It will be easier to take care of your teeth.

When you have misaligned or crooked teeth, they can often be more difficult to clean. Plus, you may deal with discomfort due to the teeth pushing against each other or your bite being off. With our Invisalign treatment, we offer a discreet way for your to fix your smile without anyone noticing. 

Select a Cosmetic Treatment Right For You

Whatever your reason for wanting cosmetic dentistry, we’re excited to help you craft the smile of your dreams. We have a variety of options for you:

  • Teeth whitening can get rid of stains caused by certain foods, beverages, and medications. Select from in-office, at-home, or laser whitening treatment. Whichever you choose, it will be far better than anything from the store! 
  • Invisalign will fix your crooked teeth and give you a straight smile. It will take you less time than traditional braces and will be far more discreet. You’ll be able to remove them for eating and for oral hygiene. 
  • Gum reshaping can give you more of a toothy grin! On the other hand, if you have shorter teeth, crown lengthening will give you longer teeth.

That just scratches the surface on what we can do for your smile! Make sure you call Shook Dental Care today at 310-982-6333 to request an appointment in San Pedro, CA. We’ll review all of our cosmetic options and find out which is right for you!